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Bigg Boss Tamil Promo 2 video of the day June 24 was released and in that video, there are some interesting facts like Kamal Haasan speaking daniel dialogue and contestants selecting some nicknames for co-contestants.

Promo video starts in the way that, Kamal is telling to the contestants that he is going to show some nicknames and the contestants need to choose for which contestant that nickname will get suit.

The First name he showing is “Nattamai”. Sendrayan is saying that this name is suitable for Mumtaz and Balaji saying that this name is suitable for Nithya and he cracked the jock if so one had some problem we can go to Nattamai but here the problem itself Nattamai.

Next name Kamal shown was “Kadhal Mannan”. Ananth Vaidyanathan said that this name suits for Balaji since he always roaming around Nithya. For that Daniel cracked the jock, he is the only man who goes behind his wife after the marriage. After that Kamal Haasan spoke the Daniel Annie Pope favorite dialogue. There was a big applause in the crowd.

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