The Most Inspiring Journey of Mary Kom who is Born to Beat

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There are two kinds of people in the world: achievers and fighters. Only those who possess genuine passion and tenacity fall into this category, and Mary Kom is one of them. She is the genuine champion of society and has inspired women not just in India but also globally, having won six World Championships and an Olympic bronze.

Titles as well as an Olympic bronze.

The true name of Mary Kom is Mangte Chungneijang. In 1983, she was born in Manipur. Mangte Tonpa Kom and Mangte Akham Kom, her parents, were employed in jhum fields. Mary, who came from a very lowly family, had to endure many struggles and setbacks before making a reputation for herself in the boxing world.

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Mary Kom helped her parents by working in the fields, much like the other females in the area. She cared for her younger siblings in addition to laboring in the fields. She shown a strong interest in athletics during her time in school, as well as a variety of other sports like hockey and football. She started doing sports to help support her family financially. But she never displayed any interest in boxing.

When Mary Kom was younger, her father competed in professional wrestling. However, he never wanted his daughters to follow in his footsteps. But destiny has a purpose. She was motivated to pursue a career in boxing by Dingko Singh’s achievements.

Rather than seeking justifications or placing the blame on her financial situation, Mary Kom made the early decision to strengthen herself. Mary Kom started boxing training in Imphal in 2000 with K. Kosana Meitei as her coach.

It was not an easy road to become a professional boxer. Mary had to keep her passion in boxing a secret from her family because her father did not want her to compete. When a picture of her winning the state boxing championship appeared in the newspaper, her father yelled at her.

At the age of 18, Mary Kom made her debut at the Women World Boxing Championship. In the 46 kg weight division, she took home a silver medal in just her first year of boxing instruction. Later on, in the second Association International de Boxe Amateur (AIBA) World Women’s Senior Boxing Championship, which took place in Antalya, Turkey, she took home a gold medal.

The mother of twin boys, Mary Kom, holds six world records. She did not have the opportunity to practice with the greatest in her early career because she was not born into a wealthy sportsperson’s household.

Mary Kom gave birth to twin boys in 2007 after being married in 2005. After giving birth to her children, she took a little hiatus before returning to the gym and succeeding the next year. Karung Onkholer’s wife Mary Kom was a multiple award winner during her career.

Harper Collins published Mary Kom’s book “Unbreakable” in 2013. Mary Kom was a brave girl who pursued her dream with passion and never gave up. She serves as an example for women who dare to dream big.