The Insight of Exam AZ-300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and How Examsnap Can Help You

Recently, Microsoft has decided to update most of its certifications, as well as exams and introduce the role-based credentials. The decision has been taken to make candidates’ skills relevant to the job positions they occupy by providing more updated and actual information so that they can match the ongoing industry challenges and expectations. This article is dedicated to AZ-300 exam, which is one of the series of role-based certification exam candidates need to pass to get a new Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential.

Exam AZ-300 – A Short Intro

AZ-300 or Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam is one of the newly introduced role-based Azure certifications. The test is considered as the most important and the first step for becoming a certified Azure Solutions Architect. The second step is passing AZ-301 test. These both exams replace the retired 70-535 test. The right contenders for this exam are the Azure Solutions Architects who possess proficiency in storage, security, compute, as well as storage for designing various solutions that utilize the Azure technology.

AZ-300 Exam Details (Language, Pricing, Duration & Passing Score)

Let us now discuss the very basics of this exam because it is important to know and understand any exam before actually starting off with its preparation. The pricing or the registration fee of AZ-300 exam is 165 US Dollars. This fee may differ from location to location and may, thus, have slight variations depending upon which location you are taking this exam from. The candidates can also get a deduction in fee if they belong to the category of a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Imagine Academy Program member or Microsoft Partner Network Program member. In addition to this, candidates who submit the relevant educational documents can also get a slight reduction in the fee.

The exam can be taken in just one language and that is English. The duration of this exam is 150 minutes wherein you need to solve 40-60 questions. The questions can be of different types including the best answer, multiple choice, hot area, the active screen, drag and drop, review screen, case studies, build list and yet more types. To get success in this exam, you need to score at least 700 marks.

The result of AZ-300 exam is declared just after a couple of minutes of taking the exam. However, you need to wait for several days to receive a detailed scorecard which carries all sort of required details about your performance in the exam.

AZ-300 Exam – What Should Be Your Pre-existing Skills?

It is essential for candidates to have certain skills before opting for this exam. The candidates are required to be accomplished and have expertise in minimum one of the following areas, such as Azure Development, DevOps or Azure Administration. Enhancing and practicing the Azure Solution Architect skills help candidates taste success in this exam. The candidates are also expected to have competence for giving consistent advice to stakeholders. In addition, they should understand the various business requirements to provide accessible, safe and trustworthy solutions. The expertise and accomplishment in networking, visualization, budgeting, business continuity, governance, disaster recovery, and data management are also required in the contenders of Microsoft AZ-300 exam.

AZ-300 – Skills Measured During the Exam

While you take this reputable exam, the following skills are tested in you. These are also the modules of AZ-300. Check these modules below along with the weightage percentage of questions that can be put up from each module.

  • Organizing & constructing infrastructure – 25-30%
  • Applying workloads & security- 20-25%
  • Generating & arranging applications- 5-10%
  • Securing data and Implementing validation – 5-10%
  • Azure storage & Cloud developing – 20-25%

Official Practice Test Available for Exam AZ-300

To prepare well for the exam, you need to have the most actual training material. For that, visit Microsoft website first. It is worth mentioning that the official practice test for AZ-300 exam is available on the Microsoft Learning platform. The main purpose of this exam is to measure your skills and see if you are ready for the certification exam or not.

Examsnap Contribution to Your Preparation

We can understand that many of you must be feeling a little nervous after reading the above requirements that are expected from the aspirants of AZ-300 exam. But the truth is that following the right strategy and studying from the authentic sources will help you prepare well and succeed in this exam. You can take help from which is an excellent online portal providing all the required study materials that are needed for the preparation of Microsoft AZ-300 test. But again, it is worth mentioning that you need to possess your own experience in the above- mentioned skills. So, Examsnap will give you opportunities to sharpen them, as it offers a valuable collection of exam dumps for you to use. You will get dumps – files with practice questions and relevant answers, that will show your weak areas you need to focus on. Since the files are in eteformat, you’ll need to download the ETE Exam Simulator- a tool that mimics the real exam environment. Giving you the opportunity to track your results and improve them, it’s really indispensable in your preparation process. Moreover, at Examsnap you’ll find a great collection of useful video courses, that will equip you with the optional information on the exam topics.

If you are looking for a wonderful online platform that gives you the right preparation for passing the AZ-300 exam, Examsnap can be one of the best options for you!

AZ-300- The Exam Retake Policy

It may happen, that despite of preparation, you fail the exam. In any case, if you are not able to pass the exam in the first go, do not get disheartened as there exists a good exam retake policy. Candidates who do not get success in the first attempt need to wait for 24 hrs for retaking the exam. In case, the second attempt also does not bring success, the candidate needs to wait for another 14 days to retake the exam. In short, the candidates can try their luck in AZ-300 exam or the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam through 5 attempts in total.


Passing AZ-300 exam is not something impossible to pass on the first try. We are sure that when you will prepare through the right study material from Microsoft and Examsnap, plan a flawless strategy for your studies of this exam, you will surely get succeed, and become an inch closer to Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.

How To Choose A Safe Video Downloading Application

If you are someone who loves watching videos on the weekend but is worried about the expenses that you might have to bear in order to see them, then a safe video downloading application can be your savior. 

You can stream movies and watch your favourite videos without worrying about any rental charges that you have to bear when you have to rent videos from the shops. Going to the internet, you would find millions of website that would offer you with downloading applications, but the real question is, are they all safe?

In order to identify the best and safest video downloading application for yourself, you would need to remember certain things about which we are going to discuss in this article.

Things to remember

Here is a list of things that you should remember when you go to search for a video downloader.

  • Cost – Check whether the application is going to give you a free downloading opportunity or not. You would get free video downloader from where you can get all the digital contents of this amazing platform. There are some applications where you might have to pay a certain amount of rental per month so that they can maintain the server and ensure that you can get uninterrupted services with good quality videos.
  • Quality – As much as it is important to get free videos, it is equally important to get videos with good quality. Good content and your video viewing will be ruined if it keeps on buffering or is of lowest resolution.
  • Limits – The most convenient application should not have any download limits to it. The internet is a pool of content and if you have to restrict yourself in a number then that can lead to a negative experience.
  • Safety – Now this should be one of your main concerns while opting for a video downloading application. There are many websites that would offer you with such applications but not all of them are trustworthy. You should always go for a trustworthy website to avail the services and for that, you would have to research a bit and read all the reviews over the net.
  • Quantity – You would also need to see how much of the quality content the application is offering to you. If you have a small number of videos available in the application, then it would limit your accessibility.

If you choose a video downloading application keeping all of the above points in mind, then we are sure that you would have an amazing experience. You can also focus on the variety of file formats that are supported by the application. This would help you to view different videos on various topics and your entertainment quotient would never go down. You can also concentrate on other factors like the interface of the application, the size that it occupies in the hard disk, and the ease of use, which would enhance your video watching experience in a much better way.

Revealed! What You Didn’t Know About MCSA: Windows Server 2012 Certification and Microsoft 70-410 Exam

MS Certificate

Microsoft Corporation has built an unmatched reputation over the years as the leading provider of top IT certifications.Microsoft credentials are indeed among the best and earning them comes with immediate rewards.But let’s be honest here: earning the prestigious Microsoft certificationis never going to be a walk in the park.

An Overview of Microsoft Certification Paths

MCSE credentials are the topmost Microsoft certifications which provide sure rewards as soon as you attain them.Regarded as the expert-level credentials,these certifications are ideal for professionals yearning to showcase their ability to build solutions based on different technologies.

Next in line is MCSD certification which is meant for developers. Then comes the associate MCSA certifications.MTA credential completes the distinctive list of Microsoft certifications and is best suited tothe individuals looking to obtain basic knowledge of fundamental IT concepts.

MCSA certifications act as the prerequisite for higher-level certification programs such as the aforementioned MCSE and MCSD.This is your updated guide to MCSA:Windows Server 2012 certification.Pursuing this credential is worth the effort owing to the aplenty benefits it brings.

MCSA:Windows Server 2012 Certification

MCSA:Windows Server 2012 certification proves your knowledge and ability to carry out various tasks related to Windows Server 2012.By earning this certification,you qualify to undertake various roles such as a computer network specialist or computer systems administrator. Above all, earning MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification clears your path towards attaining the most prestigious MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification.

You need to pass three relevant exams in order to attain MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification. These include 70-410 ,70-411 and 70-412 exams. Here’syour guide to 70-410 exam and preparation methods you may opt for.

70-410 Exam Overview

70-410 exam is part one of the series, the test that marks the start of your credentialpath. As the first part of MCSA certification program, it can either make or break your certification journey.Exam 70-410 validates your knowledge of implementing a core Windows Server 2012 infrastructure in an existing business environment. Thus, passing Microsoft MCSA 70-410 Practice Test exam proves that you have the relevant skills to implement, maintain, configure andprovisionthe core services of the Windows Server 2012(including Active Directory and network services).

This exam tests your knowledge of six major concepts related to Windows Server 2012:

  • Configuring server features and roles
  • Configuring and installing servers
  • Deploying and configuring core network services
  • Configuring Hyper-V
  • Installing and administering Active Directory
  • Creating and managingGroup Policy

Each of the aforementioned topics contributesto 15-20% of the exam questions.

Exam Description

70-410 exam is available in different languages that include English,Japanese,French, German,Chinese(simplified) and Portuguese(Brazil).The basic technology used is the Windows Server 2012 R2.70-410 exam has 40-60 questions which you should complete within 2 hours.

Microsoft strictly adheres to its exam policies and is committed to giving the best to the candidates.No wonderthe company never reveals the exam question formats to the applicants beforehand.However,the most common question formats in recent years include active screen,drag-and-drop,build list,repeated answer choices,hot area,case study,short answer and multiple-choice.Grading is based on a “Pass or Fail” principle where any score above 700 is a pass and vice versa. You can register for 70-410 exam at the Pearson VUE website as soon as you pay a$165 fee.

Exam Preparation Options

There’s no biggie if you can’t choose the ideal training material – we’ve got you covered. To begin with, Microsoft provides various study materials to supplement your learning. Firstly,it is of utmost importance to visit the official Microsoft website to familiarize yourself with the exam questions before scheduling the real test. In addition to that, you can also find vital training materials on the same website. Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits you at the platform:

Instructor-Led Training

When it comes to certification exam training preparation, only a few resources match the instructor-led training. This is the right place to interact with qualified experts with a great knowledge of 70-410 exam concepts to easily advance your knowledge. Microsoft recommends the 20410D: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 course that you can find on this platform. The course runs for only five days and is delivered by certified IT professionals.

Self-Paced Training

If you are fond of studying alone, then there could be no better place than the self-paced training platform. The Windows Server 2012: Technical overview course is readily available here to boost your knowledge of the exam concepts.

Practice Test

Taking the Microsoft official practice test for exam 70-410 is an ideal way to gauge your knowledge of the exam topics while at the same time getting a clear picture of your strengths and weak points.

The training materials on the official Microsoft website are helpful, however, this does not replace the need for other training materials from top web sources. If you ever thought of taking 70-410 exam, then it would be a shrewd decision to visit the ExamSnap website to find even more practice tests. All practice questions on this website are in VCE format, which allows you to simulate the real exam environment. Also, on the ExamSnap you will find a training course with lectures and study guide for 70-410 exam.


All Microsoft exam preparation books can be purchased at the Microsoft Press Store.The two most useful books when preparing for 70-410 exam are the Exam Ref: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2 and the Training Guide: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2.

Bottom Line

With the Microsoft certifications,not even the volatile nature of the IT industry is going to stop you from achieving your goals. If you ever thought of taking your career to a whole new level, then pursuing MCSA:Windows Server 2012 credential is a huge step towards bringing that goal to fruition.With the aforementioned tips for passing the related exam, earning this certification is easier than you actually anticipated. It’s your time to shine,so make every opportunity count.

How to Take Great Product Pictures Using Your Smartphone

product photos

For product strategy, downplaying the importance of visuals is a no-go: after all, how would you get customers to buy if they didn’t know what to expect from your products? According to HubSpot, 32% of marketers surveyed in one report by Social Media Examiner say that visual marketing was the most important type of content for their business. B2C marketers understand: 11% more of them said visual content was the most important kind out today compared to their B2B counterparts.

Luckily, investing in a high-end camera is no longer a hard necessity for getting appealing product shots. Smartphone cameras have come a long way, with the latest models boasting higher megapixel counts than ever before and an array of built-in features. Here are three tips on using this everyday companion to take great product shots—with just a little ingenuity and the right props.

Create Your Own “Pre-Set”

Get to know your phone camera. Many of us use this little app every day but don’t bother exploring its settings and modes. To start, take some test shots of a single small or medium-sized object using different combinations of adjustments available in the default camera app. Having the object placed on a table works as a simple setup—with this you can add or subtract elements in the background to see how each camera setting works when more than one is in the frame. A few to particularly consider:

  • Mode – You can stick with the Auto or Default feature, but you could also experiment with Macro or Portrait, which are designed to take more detailed close-ups.
  • Grid Lines – You can find the grid-lines option in the settings menu of any default camera app. This overlays a 3×3 grid onto the screen not visible in the final product so that you have a guide for composing shots.
  • Focus – You can do this automatically by pressing any spot on the screen for the camera to focus there. However, most phones also have a mode dedicated to altering depth of field in either their mode or settings menu.  

Downloading a separate, reliable photo editing app (Instasize is one with both free and premium options) will also enable you to place color filters, adjust the more minute details of your image, add text overlays, and even make collages. Be sure to check brightness, white balance, hue, tone, shadows, highlights, and more.

Find your favorite combinations, note them down somewhere easily accessible, and stick with them. Don’t forget that you want to showcase a product, meaning you have the responsibility to also make it look accurate to real life! Using a pre-set is also useful because you want resulting images to look consistent. Having each product obviously processed a different way is a sign that the images are unpolished.

Some ecommerce platforms like Amazon require you to present your products on a plain white background, which are usually achieved in a home set up by using a piece of paper arranged on a chair to create a sweep. White backgrounds are good since they put all the focus on your product, but if you have no restrictions try injecting a pop of similar or complementary colors into the background instead, to make the image more aesthetically pleasing when put in context. For example, in these images from big ecommerce brand ASOS, these makeup and wash bags are not only accented by being placed in the locations they’re most likely to be kept—at a vanity or in a washroom—but by having objects the same color scheme as them spice up the otherwise neutral-colored backgrounds.

Don’t shy away from unconventional colors either! If it adds vibrancy to your product, try creating sweeps of different colors, having non-neutral backgrounds, and adding patterns.

ShootProducts inCollections

Do you have items that come in a set? Create collections or lookbooks by grouping items in the same range together, photographing them simultaneously under a main theme. They don’t need to have the exact same background for it to work, but should stick to core design choices that when looked at as a whole make sense. Even if the products may not necessarily go together, you can always think up new ways to present otherwise unrelated subjects (one tip: go seasonal, like ‘fall picks’ or ‘perfect Christmas gifts’). This cohesion is attractive and can urge users to look through multiple products. Another tip for product photography this way: think about your specific target audience when choosing which products to shoot together into a collection.

There are other ways to improve product photography when using a smartphone, such as using lightboxes or investing in lenses, but these tips can help you with minimal expenses on your part. Find what works for you, continue experimenting, and seek inspiration!